Therapy to save your tooth and restore your smile.


Removing infection for a healthier tooth and a healthier you.

Root canals have the reputation of being a painful dental procedure. However at Innovative Dentistry, we like to be different, so we use modern technology and advanced skill to make your root canal pain-free. Our restorative dentists make sure you are comfortable at all times and can offer sedation options if required.

So, why might you need root canal therapy? The most common cause is when the inside of your tooth becomes infected due to severe decay or trauma. If the infection is not removed it can lead to pain, sensitivity, and even tooth loss. The procedure can be completed in a single visit and the recovery time is minimal.

When you choose to visit our dentist in Seattle for a root canal procedure, you can rest assured that you are placing your oral health in experienced and caring hands. At our practice, we consider every patient as a valued member of our dental family. This means that we go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is not only effective but also comfortable and reassuring.

Our commitment to patient-centric care means that we take the time to thoroughly explain every step of the root canal treatment, addressing any questions or concerns you may have along the way. We believe that informed patients are more confident and have a better understanding of their treatment, leading to more positive outcomes.

Root canals, when performed successfully, offer long-lasting benefits. They are a conservative and effective way to preserve the natural structure of your tooth while alleviating discomfort and preventing further dental issues. Our skilled team is dedicated to making this procedure as fast and efficient as possible, ensuring that you leave our office with a brighter, healthier smile and the peace of mind that comes with it

Learn more about how root canals are performed and the benefits below.

Seattle dentist guide her patient to clean his teeth at Innovate Dentistry

Root Canal Therapy

What are the ins and outs of this restorative procedure?

Comprehensive Exam

To begin, your experienced dentist assesses your tooth for damage, infection, and any other issues. If there is a need for a root canal then we will break down the treatment so you understand each step and we’ll answer all of your questions.

having disinfect tooth with our Seattle dentist at Innovate Dentistry

Clean & Disinfect

We prep you for a root canal by numbing the tooth and the surrounding area. Your Seattle dentist uses special tools to clean away any decay and then removes the infection from the inside of the tooth (the pulp). He or she then reshapes the root canal to get it ready for a special resin.

having disinfect tooth with our Seattle dentist at Innovate Dentistry
Dentist in Seattle works wit her patient at Innovate Dentistry

Seal & Protect

After the infection has been cleared away, your restorative dentist fills the remaining space with a special resin. This solidifies your tooth structure acting much like a regular dental filling. Your tooth is then restored to its natural function with a tooth-colored filling or crown to blend in with your smile.

Effective & Painless

Root canals like you never thought possible.

Comfortable-root-canals by Seattle dentist at Innovate Dentistry

Nowadays root canals are as routine as a dental filling and can be performed with very little discomfort (if any!). However, the benefits are truly amazing as your infected tooth can be returned to its former glory. You’ll be back to eating your favorite foods and smiling for selfies in no time!

Here are a few benefits of a successful root canal:

The aftercare for this procedure is very simple – you just need to adhere to a solid daily hygiene routine. Through brushing and flossing you can prevent future root canal treatment and maintain a healthy smile.


Saving your tooth with root canal therapy in Seattle, WA.